Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Second Coming

It's been a busy week. Our client arrived here in the country last Sunday morning. He trained the new hires for our department the early part of the week so we only got to meet with him yesterday morning. He updated us on the developments regarding the project at their end. It's good to know that we're on track, and that their clients were generally happy with our output. I find particularly useful the briefing he gave us about their clients' requirements. We were able to clear up some grey areas. I am confident that the team be more proactive now that we know where the project is headed.

The client seems to really like it here. He is a real trouper and would like to try anything Filipino. He's not scared of our "balut" or "tapuy". He already wants San Mig Light every lunch. He also likes to wander a lot. He went to the Baywalk alone late last night. Too bad we can't bring him to Sagada and Banahaw because of his tight schedule. He wants to listen to Filipino music. I'm almost tempted to introduce him to the "exotic"April Boy sound. He plans to go to Greenhills sometime to look for electronic bargains. Hopefully he won't get charged more than the acceptable "foreigner" premium pricing.=)

He want see more "gimik" places here but we can't think of something with distinct Filipino flavor. Suggestions?

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