Monday, March 12, 2007

Wedding Expo weekend

I helped out at the Fotogra booth at the Wedding Expo in the PICC Forum last Saturday before going to Mabel's wedding. The event served as the formal introduction for Mimi and Karl's hit Clique photobooth to the wedding suppliers community. Here are some of my personal favorites:

Click the images for high-res versions

Requisite Fotogra Clique

My Nominee #1 for the Love Strip Contest

My Nominee #2 ( Go Maui!)

My Nominee #3 (Kilig moments)

My Nominee #4 (plus points for grand slam sticker presence)

Clique the City? (5-minute rehearsal)
Nominee #5

Threesome =)

Foursome Fun (Double Couple Clique..he he he)

Sister Act (medyo shy pa..he he)

Clique of the Day (sinong pinakamasaya sa Clique?)

Visit the links (Day 1, Day 2) to the Clique booth site for more pictures.

*Regular rental of the Clique photobooth goes for 15 K (plus 5K for 100 on-site prints)
** Winners of the Love Strip Contest gets to use the photobooth for free at their wedding ( 100 on-site prints and labor included) =)
*** Mimi and Karl will choose the official nominees for the Love Strip Contest. Readers of their blog will vote for the winner. My nominees are not listed in any order of preference. =)

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