Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Here's my Homework.

Market psychology

Market Psychology Blog
This blog is dedicated to market psychology. One of the authors is Richard Peterson M.D., a managing partner of Market Psychology Consulting and a collaborating researcher at the Stanford University in Neuroscience. He is currently trying to get a hedge fund off the ground. The blog features very useful psychological insights on current market developments.

Trading Blog
Jeff White is the founder and chief technical analyst of While the site is generally about stock trading, his blog offers an applicable psychological approach to investing.

Economic Psychology
This blog offers general views on behavioral economics. What may be useful are the references and hyperlinks the author mention inside the posts.

Kevin McCabe is the director of the Center for the Study of Neuroscience in George Mason University. He is a published author of books on the subject. His posts are interspersed with highly scientific jargon.

Four of Two
The blog is a personal blog that details how and why the author undertake certain investments. No professional info is available on the author.

The Big Picture
The blog is about the author's psychological reaction to macroeconomic events. It is worthwhile reading.

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