Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Lifestyles of The Filthy Rich and Slightly Famous

Greenwich's Outrageous Fortune

It describes how the hedge fund managers from Wall Street are changing the local scene in Greenwich, Connecticut. It is estimated that about $120 billion of hedge funds are being managed here.I can only imagine the impact of that much money on the original residents.

Aside from tales 30,000 sq. ft. mansions and personal helicopters, it also profiles 3 of the more known fund managers namely Edwin Lampert ($3.5 Billion), Steven Cohen ($2.5 Billion) and Paul Tudor Jones ($2 Billion).

What frustrates me is that they have that much money, and most of it are being spent on lifestyles that benefit only their massive egos. They don't even live on their $15 million dollar mansions.

They could have helped change many people lives instead.

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