Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Friday Night at Cable Car

The Boys went out for beers on a Friday night.

Nothing beats a mug of ice-cold San Mig Light after a hard day's work.
The beer made Dondon very, very happy. He he he

Dondon, "ang Manunumbok", drew first blood.

Karlo the "ChickBoy" considers his next move.
The man has lots of "options", you know. He he he

Dondon sets it up.....

I finish... We (Dondon and I) Won 3-1 against the formidable duo of Dundee and Karlo.
Courtesy of Dondon's relentless trash talk.=)

Join us next time!

Leslie and Ryan arrived after I left. According to the grapevine, many more "happy" things happened after my departure.

Photos are from Dundee's Flicker account.

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Novice Blogger said...

nice nice!

pero palagi na lang nanglalamang tong si dondon sa billiards and badminton a. This is unacceptable!