Friday, May 11, 2007

Philippines and India? or Philippines vs India?

The Outsourcing Insider blog posed this question: "Does the Philippines still need to collaborate with India whose outsourcing industry predicted to lose about 40% of global market share by 2007?"

Collaborate with India? Probably, if we're talking only about the higher tiered services in KPO where Indians have the clear lead. We can learn from them.

However, the Philippines is doing more than okay in most basic BPO services. The country is already posing a serious challenge to India. Our industry is only limited by the number of qualified CSRs from our labor pool. Reforming the educational sector will help address that. Methinks Gloria is looking for a quick solution so she wouldn't have to do the reform herself.
Sharing the BPO pie with India will mean lesser revenue and lesser growth for the domestic sector. It will hurt the Philippine BPO sector in the long run.


THE ANiTOKiD said...

An interesting post that is right on the money! All these supposedly sharing the pie is making me hungry. Hmmm,"Sharing the BPO pie with India will mean lesser revenue and lesser growth for the domestic sector"; less revenue = less room for business growth = less employment opportunities = less buying power = less food on the table. NOW! I AM HUNGRY! And I kid you not!

Kim said...

I've read a news article saying that the top 3 countries for outsourcing are:
1.) India
2.) China and;
3.) Philippines
It was a surprise to know that China is number two on the list,i thought that Philippines was going head to head with India. We all know that China can provide a huge labor force for the outsourcing industry,but Filipinos are very good in English,and from my point of view if investors are looking for QUALITY the Philippines is still number 1!

Just found this in the internet

According to the post "Most of the outsourcing is done by multinational companies and the most popular destinations are India, China and the Philippines."

Kat said...

I've seen this trend for a year. The Indian workforce is known to be very diligent and they are also an English-speaking nation. Tingin ko ang magpapababa sa 'tin e yung tumataas nating standards/demands, something that cannot be helped coz everyone seeks comfort in life by working their asses off. However, the global business sector is struggling. Just look at the banks and computer companies. Their back-office operations are outsourced to low-cost locations to maintain their margins.

I guess all we have to do is strive for continuous quality to maintain the world's notion that Filipinos provide the best labor there is.

Anonymous said...

china would not be a surprise. But the thing is they may not be a destination for callcenter outsourcing, but rather a destination for a huge and affordable labor force for manufacturing.