Thursday, May 17, 2007

On Archetypes

Mr. Jim Paredes asked these questions on his article in the Philippine Star last May 13:
  1. What archetypes dominate or rule the Philippines today?
  2. What can we observe from the way we behave as a people?

I think that our nation's archetype would be a talented high school freshman orphan who is studying with some help from a well-off (and arrogant) Tito from abroad. A Tita is her local guardian but this Tita uses most of the money meant for the child's schooling expenses for herself. The Tita also verbally and physically abuses her. The child is aware of things that happen around her but she does not act on them because she feels powerless as an individual. She usually goes with the flow. She tries to sugarcoat this feeling of powerlessness with humor, partying and "having fun". One big desire is to escape from her current environment when she is capable of doing so.

She is still finding out slowly during her education that she possesses power. She has the potential to use this power for either good or evil later. Sadly, it will be much easier for her to do evil than good given her current environment.

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