Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Darlene Antonino-Custodio wins by landslide!

"...The angelic winner definitely didn’t look like she packed a devil’s punch that could stop the most popular living Filipino hero...."

You got that right. She's definitely Angelic... he he he. According to Mr. Recah Trinidad, Manny may even have helped boost Darlene's popularity to make her a winnable senatorial candidate in the near future. She gets my vote for making Manny eat humble pie.

Idol, huwag na tayong papagamit sa mga politiko next time ha? Kung naipantulong mo na lang sana sa mga kababayan mo sa GenSan yung mahigit 100 million na nagastos mo...

The most beautiful legislator alive
*let's thank Chuvaness for this pic.

Update: Manny spent around 170 million pesos for the election. That's more than $3 million. What a waste! Can he even afford to lose that much given his lifestyle and his vices?


Dexter said...

Pacman! I never really liked this man. Especially when he belittled the tricycle drivers.

I AM SAM said...

Although Darlene looks like a meek sheep, she is definitely more feisty than Pacquiao. Just like all the politicos who used Pacman, Darlene seized the opportunity to catapult her name into the national scene. Now, she is the darling of the nation because she ended Pacquiao's hallucination. I am expecting her to be considered a Senatoriable come 2010. By then, I can already cast my vote and Darlene will be the first in my ballot.